Unity 3D入门教程(cmiVFX)-视频教程

译文:脸部刚刚发布了基于 Unity3D 游戏引擎,由创意总监和马丁 · 纳普 3D 行业资深教授的全新游戏设计系列中的第一个视频。在每个的诸多教训,整个向学生介绍一步一步强大的 Unity3D 游戏引擎。Unity3D 被用于创建无数游戏支持所有主要的系统和移动设备。在本文的介绍,学生将学会建立整个游戏的水平,从零开始,包括纹理、 灯、 先进的粒子,甚至如何添加第一人称和第三人称的游戏控制器,以便他们可以探讨和他们刚刚创建的游戏。

原文:cmiVFX just released the first video in a brand new game design series based on the Unity3D game engine, taught by Creative Director and 3D industry veteran, Martin Knapp. Throughout each of the many lessons, students are introduced step-by-step to the powerful Unity3D game engine. Unity3D has been used to create countless games supporting all major systems and mobile devices. In this introduction, students will learn to build an entire game level from scratch, including textures, lights, advanced particles, and even how to add first-person and third-person game controllers so that they can explore and play the games they just created.

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