DT创意开发系列C4D使用Projection Man把静帧图片动起来-视频教程

译文:这家影院 4 D 教程中我们将学习如何创建视觉效果拍摄使用四维影院 ' s 投影人和其他技术,如 3D 建模、 头发和布料动力学、 画我们的形象是符合我们的作文,和用后效果创建大气元素。本教程将开始第一次看概念的形象和研究什么选项我们如何 ' ll 有可用,准备图像,相机映射在四维影院、 模型、 材质、 投射至 2D 板,轻 3D 几何创建动态模拟,以匹配拍摄 ' s 视觉,然后再最后把它在一起,创造无缝最后一枪。

原文:In this CINEMA 4D tutorial we will learn how to create a visual effects shot using CINEMA 4D's projection man and other techniques such as 3D modeling, Hair and Cloth dynamics, painting our image to conform to our composition, and creating atmospheric elements with After Effects. The tutorial will start by first looking at how to concept the image and research what options we'll have available, prepare the image for camera mapping in CINEMA 4D, model, texture and light 3D geometry to project into the 2D plate, create dynamic simulations to match the shot's vision and then finally bring it all together to create a seamless final shot.

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