Unity4.0从入门到精通系列初学篇(Unity Cookie出品)-视频教程

译文:我已经学会了硬方式如何写着色器通过书籍和实验,试验和错误。本系列文章的目标是采取一切我学会了和结构它入容易跟随,下令教训,工作中与明确的指示,不只是如何写的统一 4,清洁和高效的代码,但也如何调试和优化您的着色器。有效,这是我希望我已经开始学习 CG 系列。

原文:I have learned the hard way how to write shaders through books and experimentation, trial and error. The goal of this series is to take everything I have learned and structure it into easy to follow, ordered lessons that work in unity 4, with clear instructions on not only how to write clean and efficient code, but also how to debug and optimize your shaders.Effectively this is the series I wish I had when I started learning CG.

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