CINEMA 4D细胞行为动画(Digital Tutors出品)

译文: 创建运动和相互作用可以为那些从事医学可视化,说明药物的相互作用,或者在其他科学领域中使用 3D 重要。经常的细胞将需要进行交互,拆分,或沿特定路径移动。这家影院 4 D 教程中,我们 ' ll 经过几个简单的场景,使用一些电影院 4 D ' s 功能强大的工具。我们 ' ll 使用克隆的对象来创建细胞分裂和使用思维粒子来实现类似的效果,在规模较大。我们 ' ll 也谈填充所有程序动议,并看看我们如何能摧毁使用元球的单元格的单元格的各种场景。我们 ' ll 还可以构建血管截面和动画处理不同种类的细胞流淌。通过培训,年底你 ' ll 有更好的了解一些你可以用来实现您自己的项目中的类似效果的工具。 原文: Creating movement and interactions can be important for those working in medical visualizations, illustrating drug interactions, or using 3D in other scientific fields. Often the cells will be required to interact, to split, or move along specific pathways. In this CINEMA 4D tutorial, we'll go through a few simple scenarios using some of CINEMA 4D's powerful tools. We'll use Cloner objects to create a cell division and use Thinking Particles to achieve a similar effect over a larger scale. We'll also talk about populating the scene with a variety of cells that all have procedural motion and look at how we can destroy a cell using Metaballs. We'll also build a blood vessel cross-section and animate different kinds of cells flowing along. By the end of the training, you'll have a much better idea of some of the tools you can use to achieve similar effects in your own projects.

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CINEMA 4D摩托车建模技术

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